Royal Mail Reference Number

Royal Mail Tracking | How to Track Item and Find Reference Number

Once you have sent any item using Royal Mail service, you can easily track it using ‘Track Your Item’ facility. Royal Mail Tracking will provide a reference number through which tracking will be made easy. You will stay informed about the places your item has reached before getting delivered to the right address.

How do I use Track Your Item?

  • Enter your royal mail tracking reference number here. It will be 9-27 characters long and can be found on your Post Office receipt along with the label showing the service used. If you are the recipient, you can ask the sender to give you the details.
  • Now, press the ‘Track your delivery’ button to track royal mail parcel.
  • You might have to complete a quick captcha test to use royal mail tracking service. This is the security measure to ensure that it is human who is tracking royal mail parcel, not a bot.
  • Pick up the boxes that contains images you are asked to identify and hot on ‘Verify’ button.
  • Royal Mail tracked your parcel and you can now see the tracking information on your screen.

Can I track Parcel/Letter/Items arriving from other country if I’m in UK?

Firstly, you asked the sender when it was posted and if it is sent using the tracking service. If royal mail tracker was used, you can easily track the progress of your item till it reaches UK. You can even track its journey overseas on relevant postal service’s website, if they provide such service.

Problems with Royal Mail Tracking Reference Number

You might encounter a few problems while tracking your item using a reference number and there could be different reasons for the same. Here are a few problems that you might encounter.Royal Mail Reference Number

Why isn’t my reference number recognized by Track your Item?

There could be endless reasons why this is happening. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Ensure that you have entered the royal mail reference number correctly.
  • If you are the recipient, ensure that the sender has given you’re the correct reference number.
  • Ensure that the reference number is for an item sent with Royal Mail, using a service that offers tracking option.
  • If the item is sent, the sender might have created the reference number, but not submitted the item into the Royal Mail network. Please try later after some time.

How do I find my reference number?

As informed earlier, you reference number is 9-27 characters long code, you can easily find it on your item’s label or the Post Office receipt. It can be called as a barcode or a reference. If you are using customer collection, your manifest must list the reference numbers of the items collected.

What can I do if I have lost my reference number?

If you are the recipient:

  • You can contact the sender and ask them to provide you the number.
  • If you have ordered the item online, check for the order confirmation or invoice. It might have your reference number.

If you are the sender:

  • Contact the recipient. They might have received the item.

If you have sent the item at a Post Office and you have lost the receipt or the section from the label has been teared off, Royal Mail won’t be able to tell you the reference number for tracking. You have to wait for the item to be delivered.

Kindly note that Royal Mail cannot use any information like name or address to track the items. You will not be able to track your items if you don’t have the reference number.

Why are there no tracking details on my item yet?

This might happen if you have ordered the item online. The seller might have created the reference number but have not handled it to the Royal Mail Tracking service. Once the item is received at Royal Mail, you can easily track your item.

If you have the reference number for more than one day and there is no tracking information yet, you should contact the sender. Then, ask them to confirm if the number is correct and that if the item has been passed to Royal Mail.

Why has not the tracking status updated for a day or two?

For a few services including Signed for® 1st Class and Signed for® 2nd Class, Royal Mail scans the items twice. The status gets updated when they receive the item at the start of its journey and when it is delivered. Depending on the service, this might mean that the status of your item doesn’t change for a few days. Do not worry, it’s on its way.

What if my items are heading away from its destination?

Royal Mail distribution network is one of the biggest and most sophisticated networks in the UK. This means that your item will be processed in the nearest distribution centre. It is then sent to the local distribution centre and sometimes, the items might not be travelling in a straight line. However, your items will be in the most efficient route of Royal Mail’s network.

For a few European destination, a Royal Mail Group company that is GLS is used to deliver the international items. Before it gets ready for delivery, you item may be scanned in countries other than the destination country.

Are there other reasons why my tracking information could be wrong?

Sometimes, due to human error or technical issues, an item is not scanned as it was expected. When the item is scanned next, the system updates the information. You can check ‘Track Your Item’ later.

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