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Royal Mail Registration Guide – How to Sign Up or Login, Change / Reset Password, Login to Business Account

Royal Mail registration will help you keep a track of all your orders and deliveries. You can manage your complete account, shop online, track the status and contact email support if you have registered with Royal Mail. You can register for both business and personal account. Here is the complete working guide that will help you register with Royal Mail.

How to register with – Royal Mail Registration Guide

When you are on the registration page, you will have two options – either to register for personal use or business use. This is the first step to choose the account type.

  • Firstly, choose personal use/business use as per your requirement. Here, I will be choosing personal use. Now, click on the ‘Continue’ button to move to the next step.Royal Mail Registration Process
  • The second step is to fill in your details like title and first and last name.Royal Mail - Create an Account
  • The third step is to enter your email address, password and password reminder. Password reminder will give you a hint, just in case you forget the password. Also, you password must contain at least eight characters and should be in combination of alphanumeric characters.Royal Mail - Password Setup
    Note: The previously registered users will get an error message asking you to login in. You can request a new password or reminder if you have forgotten your password.
  • In the fourth step, you are required to enter your address details correctly.Royal Mail - Address Filling
  • In the fifth step, you have to choose your communication preferences. Royal Mail Group will be sending you marketing communications. It is important to read the information carefully. You are allowed to amend the communication preferences anytime.Royal Mail Subscription Alerts
  • In the sixth step i.e. Terms and Conditions, you should agree to the terms and conditions after reading them and hit the ‘Register’ button. You are done.How to Register on Royal Mail

Royal Mail Login – How to Sign In with Royal Mail

  • The process is easy. Go to the login page.Royal Mail Login
  • Enter your email address and password that you have setup at time of registration.
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button and you are done.

How to Reset or Change Password on

There are two options to change or reset your password. The process is really easy and this is the reason why Royal Mail ask you to set up password reminder.

  • You can enter your email address after clicking on “Forgotten your password” option. Now, you need to enter your email address and click on – “Continue – Password Reminder” button. The reminder will be sent to your email address.Royal Mail - Forgot Password
  • The other way is clicking on “Request New Password”. It can be done if you have received the reminder and are still not able to recall the password. Enter your email address and the new password will be sent to your email address after you click on “Continue – Request New Password” option.Royal Mail - Request New Password

How First Time User can access their Online Business Account – Royal Mail OBA

  • When you register for your business account, you get an authorization code sent to your email.Royal Mail Account Authorization
  • Enter your registered email id and the authorization code and click on ‘Continue’ button.
  • You mow have to set up your profile.

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